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If you just got your invitation and are checking out the site, here’s the main stuff you might want to see:

Also, here’s a spiffy photo of us from our trip to Colorado at the end of January:

Blake and Sarah at Tequila's

At Tequila's in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Invitations are in the mail! (mostly)

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After a busy afternoon of writing, stamping, stuffing envelopes and sealing, we finally sent off most of the invitations. There are a few addresses here and there that we didn’t have handy in time to make it to the post office by 5 p.m., but as soon as we get them all tracked down they’ll be off too. It’s so nice to have them done (mostly)! It was such a huge job getting them ready and messing with the printing company, but now we can breathe a big sigh of relief and move on to preparations that will be more fun — like flowers and catering.

In other news, our friend Jen sent me some photos that she took on her iPhone right after Blake proposed at Le Cellier! Le Cellier isn’t very bright in general and iPhones aren’t exactly well known for their tolerance of low-light situations, but I’m still really, really glad she was able to get these.  Thanks, Jen!

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