Catering complete!

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At long last Blake and I have selected a caterer: we’re going with Emily Horvath of Events by Emily. She has exhibited none of the unpleasant characteristics demonstrated by many of her competitors (as mentioned in my rant a couple of weeks ago), and our experience with her has been very pleasant. Blake and I have been very budget-conscious, so after explaining our price range and food preferences, Emily sent me several menus that would work within our economical constraints.

Baked brie

Baked brie

A few days later Emily and her husband, the chef, drove to our house and we had a tasting of our meal selections. It was really a nice experience — turns out that sitting in your kitchen being served delicious food is pretty nice. =) And because Emily was able to work within our budget for the meal itself, we were able to get some extra appetizers (for the wedding guests) without feeling like we were spending an exorbitant sum of money.

We’re also using Emily for a service that I had never heard of: day-of wedding coordination. I discovered it by reading two fantastic reviews of her on Google, and they basically immediately sold me on the idea that this was something I wanted if it were within our price range. Essentially, a day-of wedding coordinator becomes the central organizer and go-to person for any and all wedding arrangements that need to be made on the day of the wedding. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but right now the only person who knows about all aspects of the wedding is me. Which is certainly fine right now, but not on our wedding day. If something needs to be addressed — say, we run out of napkins or the flowers aren’t delivered on time — I would have to go and solve it because I’d be the only person with enough knowledge to solve it. And there I’d be, in my wedding dress, trying to enjoy the occasion but really having to be kind of in charge of the occasion instead!  So a day-of coordinator seems like a super stupendous fantastic idea, and I was really hoping it wouldn’t end up being too expensive. Happily, since our wedding is on a Monday and we’re already doing catering with Emily, the price was squarely within the range of “acceptable.”

Finally, the other thing we liked about Emily was that we enjoyed talking to her. When we’d ask a question about some aspect of catering, she didn’t come off like a salesman trying to woo me with propaganda and canned answers — she came off as a small-business owner who wants to do business in a way that’s mutually beneficial. No marketing-speak — just straightforward answers. All in all it was very pleasant.

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