We’re moving to Seattle!

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Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle

We recently found out that Blake received a job offer from Amazon.com and we’re going to accept it. He’ll be doing front-end user experience programming (HTML + CSS  + Javascript) on amazon.com/giftcards, so eventually you’ll be able to see the results of his work live on the site. =) We’ll be moving to Seattle in time for him to start work on Monday, July 26 (which is one week from today), so we’re in quite the stuff-packing, room-cleaning, house-selling frenzy. (Anybody want to buy a house in south Austin?)

It’s pretty exciting — we’ve heard nothing but stellar things about Seattle much in the same way I heard fantastic things about Austin before I came here. We’re looking forward to balmy high-70s summers and a few snowy days each year (and no income tax in Washington either!). We’ve also heard that Seattle is even weirder than Austin (in a keep-Austin-weird kind of way) and we know it has a lot of contra dancing, so it sounds like a spiffy place. We’re not sure yet if we’ll be moving into another house immediately or if we’ll get an apartment for a while — Amazon is putting us in corporate housing for 45 days, so that will give us a while to do some research and decide what we want to do.

Also, Seattle is already home to a few good friends: Marianne and Richard, Kenneth, Hilton and Jocelyn, and my old friend Doug from NI who’s there temporarily on an internship. (Not the same Doug who was there when Blake proposed and works at Disney World.)

Unhappily, because of the extremely short notice it’s going to be difficult to see everybody here before we leave town. We’re repairing the house, painting a few rooms, packing up all our stuff, shipping our cars, and putting our house on the market all before we plan to fly out this Saturday morning. (And I thought I was busy planning a wedding!)

We’ll be sorry to go so far away from so many friends. After many years of fighting it, I am reluctantly forced to admit that, as my non-Austin friends can attest, I am a terrible long-distance friend despite my best efforts and intentions. But please don’t ever feel like my infrequent communication indicates that I am not still your friend to the same degree that I always have been! Please come visit us in Seattle, and — although I don’t know what kind of place we’ll have yet — we’ll be glad to have people stay with us if we possibly can.

Excuse me, then! you know my heart;
But dearest friends, alas! must part.
John Gay, Fables


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