Protesting is busy work!

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After I finished my errands today, Pico and I took a little walk down to check out a nearby park and Whole Foods several blocks away. Just around the corner from us (and on the walk we took)  is a spiffy Walgreen’s that looks so futuristic and different that I almost expect people to walk out of it wearing silver suits:

Walgreen's from the future!

I bet all their food is sold in pill form.

Anyway, as I walked past it today I noticed there were three people standing out in front of the building holding a big (12′ x 5′) sign and a bunch of flyers. “Want a flyer?” asked a guy with a scraggly long beard and scraggly long hair. I backed up a little bit so I could read the sign better, and although I don’t remember what it said exactly, it had the words “Walgreen’s” and “labor” on it. “Oh,” I thought, “that makes sense. They must be anti-Walmart communists or something.” But then I did a mental double-take: they were protesting Walgreen‘s, not Walmart. I didn’t really want a flyer, which I’d then have to carry around until I found a trashcan, but I was curious what they found offensive about Walgreen’s. So I said, “No thanks, but can you summarize it in, like, two sentences?” The guy said, “No, but I can give you a flyer, which is much better!” So I said, “No, thanks!”, smiled, and walked on.

Seriously, protesters. What are you even doing there if you can’t be bothered to tell someone what you’re protesting?

They may have had the last laugh, though: as I walked away from them and crossed the next street, Pico tried to poop in the middle of the stupid crosswalk! I scooped him up pre-poop and deposited him on some mulch at the corner, but he just looked at me and demonstrated no further interest in pooping. He continued to show no interest for the whole rest of the walk, which was about twenty minutes and very hilly. Probably he was just refusing to poop because he knew I wanted him to, that jerk. Just kidding, I know dogs don’t have the mental capacity for that kind of thought. =)

On the way back, the protesters were gone. This was especially nice since it avoided any potential awkwardness if they still wanted to give me a flyer. Also, I had to stop at Walgreen’s and exchange some money for goods. Maybe those protesters should rethink their strategy.


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