Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night…

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Pico and Sarah in wet-weather gear

The alternative dog-jacket color was orange, so this one won

This past Saturday was our first rainy Seattle day! Last week when I was at Petsmart I ran across a product that I’ve never seen in Texas: a dog raincoat. I know, some of you are vomiting just at the thought of that, but it’s actually really practical for someone who lives in an apartment in downtown Seattle. We want Pico to go to the bathroom outside on both sunny and rainy days, and “wet dog” isn’t exactly something they’re eager to put on a Yankee Candle label.

So I bought one for Pico, and I think it’s pretty cute. It took him a couple hundred feet to decide that the jacket wasn’t some terrible mistake that he had to wriggle out of, but after that he went merrily on his way. We had a nice little walk and he came out of it mostly pretty dry. I guess I’ll have to go buy a second one now that a little girl-puppy is on its way. =)

(Of course, when we get the puppy we’ll have to paper-train her until she is old enough to get all her vaccinations, so it’ll actually be quite a while before she’ll be ready for house training. If things go our way, we’ll actually be in a house by then.)

Pico with his raincoat

Pico with his raincoat

On the rainy street

On the rainy street (photo courtesy of Blake)

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