Conveyor-belt sushi

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Three segments of the conveyor belt

Three segments of the conveyor belt

Blake and I found this great conveyor-belt sushi place called Sushi Tengu that we’ve now visited several times. Its nifty conveyor goes all over the restaurant delivering sushi to the masses for reasonable prices! For those who don’t know, conveyor-belt sushi places work like this: Sushi chefs make a bunch of different kinds of sushi in small amounts and load it onto little plates on the belt. All the sushi plates are different colors, and each color indicates a different sushi price.  The conveyor belt goes past every table, so when you see something you want you just take it off the belt and help yourself. The waiters don’t clear the table as you eat, though — you just stack up the plates on your table. Then when it’s check time, the waiter counts your plates, does a little math, and hands you the check. A nice bonus of conveyor-belt sushi is you can eat immediately after you sit down. A drawback is that if you miss the roll you want, it might take a few minutes for it to come back around. Or if there’s only one roll of that kind on the belt, somebody else in the restaurant might eat it. (Of course, you can usually ask the chefs to make you something, but then you have to wait for them to do it.) Also, if you go outside of normal meal times they usually don’t have quite the selection they would right smack in the middle of lunch and dinner. But it’s really a fun little setup. It’s nice to have the instant gratification of sushi on demand, and the prices are pretty reasonable. Please enjoy these photos:

Several plates of sushi on the belt

The Olympic roll - five kinds of delicious fish and a a few yucky vegetables

A messy plate with chopsticks on it

I made kind of a mess with this roll. First I had to execute a surgical cucumber-ectomy, but it turned out they were load-bearing cucumbers. So then the very giant roll became super unwieldy and disintegrated all over the plate when I tried to bite only half of it. (Admittedly, it was a rookie mistake. But the bite was so huge and my mouth is so small!)

Some sushi on a plate on the coveyor belt

This was the offending roll mentioned in the preceding photo. Kind of blurry because it was low light and moving, but maybe you can appreciate the size.

A stack of several different colored plates

Our refuse. The most expensive one -- the black plate in the back -- is only $3.50. There's a fifth color (not shown) that's super cheap, but it always has dumb things like rolls whose sole ingredient is cucumber or avocado. I think today's bill came to $24. I love sushi. <3


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  1. That’s SO awesome.
    I’ve always wanted to go to one of those places, but I don’t know of any in FL….
    Never knew how they worked, or how inexpensive they could be–awesome post! :D

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