Update: Phones and houses and ill health and coffee

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I’m typing this post on my new iPhone. My old G1 Android phone had long been having problems, but I was really having trouble deciding what to get to replace it. The new Android phones were unsatisfactory to me for a number of reasons not worth enumerating here, and most of my old complaints about the iPhone still applied. However, with the addition of multitasking in iOS4, the bulk of my iPhone complaints now have to do with “artificial” limitations imposed by Apple for marketing or other reasons. So when Blake suggested getting an iPhone and jailbreaking it, the idea was much more palatable. (Jailbreaking basically means using free software to bypass Apple’s restrictions on the phone. Apple hates it when people do this and is trying to prevent it like crazy.) So as soon as jailbreaking software is released for the newest version of the operating system, that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully this will only take a few weeks.

The other reason I’m typing this on my phone is because I dumped a whole travel cup full of coffee right on top of my laptop. I couldn’t have covered it more thoroughly if I’d tried. After hours of cleaning out the insides with Q-tips and a toothbrush, it was able to boot back up into Windows. There are a variety of problems, though — sticky keys (despite cleaning), coffee damage inside the screen, and some problems with internal components that cause it to run extremely slowly and sometimes crash the OS spontaneously. We suspect some of the memory was damaged, but I’ll call Lenovo tomorrow and hopefully figure out what needs to be replaced and for how much. It’s sad and I miss my laptop. =(

For some more bad news, two weeks ago Blake tripped over a weirdly uneven curb, rolled his ankle, and has been having some problems with it since then. It’s nothing too serious — he saw a doctor on Friday who said it was a bad sprain but should fully recover with rest. If it bothers him he elevates it with ice, but most of the time it’s just annoying for him and otherwise not too bad.

So here’s some happy news: we picked a house! We’re in the midst of the paperwork and headaches involved with making the actual offer, but it seems likely that we’ll end up getting the house. It’s surprising that it worked out this way — on Thursday the realtor told us that someone else was making an offer on it and did we want to make a competing offer? We were waiting to hear back from Amazon on getting an extension for our stuff in storage so that we’d be able to keep it there while we built a house, so we sadly told him that no, we wouldn’t make an offer. Only I had seen the house at his point, but we’d had plans for Blake to see it on Sunday. Plans that wouldn’t happen now since someone else would be buying it. So a day passed and our realtor mentioned that the offer hadn’t come in but was expected at any time. We again chose not to take action and another day went by. Then on Saturday he said again that the offer hadn’t come in and did we still want Blake to see it on Sunday?

So we said sure. We were both concerned about the distance from Seattle — the house is in Everett almost 30 minutes away — but Blake knew I thought it looked promising and we decided it was worthwhile for him to see it anyway. And… he thought it was great! In fact, he liked it as much as our first-choice house which would have to be built — but this one was already done and we could move into it in a month or so (instead of the six months it would take to have our first choice built). So… we still had a hard decision. We loved the house and the neighborhood and the area. But we were concerned about the distance (even though Blake could take the train to and from work and count travel time as work time). On the other hand, there haven’t been too many houses we like this much, and with the end of the summer there are fewer and fewer new houses appearing on the market.

So we agonized about it yesterday. There are other people interested in the house, so we couldn’t wait and see if we like other houses better. (I’ve looked at probably 70 houses and haven’t found much.) Finally we decided that it was unlikely that we’d find something else that we liked as much until many months had gone by — maybe even til next May when school is out and people start selling houses again. And if we rented for a year in anticipation of that, we’d almost certainly lose the great interest rates available now.

So we decided to make an offer. Once things are more certain I’ll post a gazillion photos of the house. Hopefully we won’t get into a bidding war with anybody. Cross your fingers!


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