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A package of Mango oreos

If you have any doubt that they're mango flavored, you can see the fruit on the right side of the package as well as the price tag behind it on the left side. Also, they're $5.59. Ouch!

A few days ago I headed down to Uwajimaya for the express purpose of buying a bunch of things I’ve never tasted before. Between me finding the cherimoya (a fruit) and the mango oreos (yes, really), I saw something decidedly more familiar: scone mix. However, this was “island” scone mix, and although I wasn’t sure what that was I was pretty sure I wanted some. The graphics on the box had a small-company feel and the brand was Ka Hale Na Ke Kai, which their website tells me means “the home by the sea” in Hawaiian. So I dropped it in my cart along with some pineapple-starfruit jelly by the same company.

This morning I made them for breakfast, and boy were they ever spectacular! The mix came with a little bag of dried tropical fruit, which I added to the dough (as per the  instructions on the box) before noticing that the fruit bag had a sticker on the back which said, “chop fruits before adding to mix.” Oh, well, they turned out fantastic anyway even with the non-chopped fruit. I had half my scone with butter and half with the jelly, and it’s hard to say which was more delicious. But the scones themselves were moist and delicious and I really can’t recommend them too highly. Not only that, you can actually buy them online for pretty reasonable prices. I can’t seem to link directly to the scones page, but if you choose the scone category from their online store, the one I purchased is at the bottom of the list.


In other news, all the cups and plates we have here are things I purchased from the Japanese dollar store around the corner. (Since all of our kitchen stuff is packed and inaccessible in storage.) We have two big plates, two little plates (you can see one in the scone photo), two bowls, two cups, and four each of the following: little spoons and forks, big spoons and forks, and knives. I also got a few mugs and a very select few pieces of cookware. As an aside, it’s amazing how much stuff it takes to have the minimum kitchenware necessary for regular life! At first you get the items I listed above, and you think, “there, all my basic needs are met.” Then all your other needs slowly trickle in… a can opener… a corkscrew… Then, oops, you need a sharper knife than a regular butter knife. So you buy a big shiny sharp cooking knife. And then you try to cook something and realize you need a whisk. And then you cook some scones and realize you need a bowl big enough for mixing dough in. And then you cook something else and realize you need measuring spoons. And then you want to make some vegetables and you realize you need a cutting board. And oh, yeah, a strainer. And a measuring cup. And maybe you can get away with not buying a cookie sheet if you just buy a casserole dish. It doesn’t feel like that much until you actually start making all those purchases yourself from scratch.

I’ve tried pretty hard to buy things that aren’t total duplicates of things we already own, though that’s pretty much what I had to do for a casserole dish, skillet, and a pot. And boy, I didn’t want to buy a third coffee maker, so I finally bought a French press that I can use instead. Of course, that led to a coffee grinder purchase because the ground coffee I was buying was too small to get filtered out effectively by the press. (I think at this point it would have been cheaper to buy another coffee maker and just give it to someone when we’re back with our stuff again. Oh, well.)

It is fun, though, to buy all this pretty new stuff. The Japanese dollar store (which is called Daiso) is the coolest darn place and I’m sure stuff that looks cheap to Japanese people just looks interesting to me because nearly everything there is something I’ve never seen before. Also, they seem to have a website and an online store for Americans, so check them out. =)

And finally, if you haven’t checked out our new blog yet, I encourage you to head on over there and take a look. It’s a fun little side project for me right now (and I hope it’s worthwhile for my readers as well). Here you go: Our Our Window

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  1. Aloha,

    My name is Ann Tom and I am the owner of Ka Hale Na Ke Kai “The Home by the Sea”. I wanted to thank you for your blog. My assistant happened to be looking for an article in the Pacific Business News and your blog popped up!

    I am so glad that you enjoyed the products. If you would provide me with your address, I would like to send you a Mahalo “Thank you” gift for taking the time to let others know how much you enjoyed the scones & jelly.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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