Loud neighbors

November 14, 2010 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last week we had several nights in a row of loud music wafting through the walls from one of our neighbors. Unfortunately, try though we might, from the hallway we were unable to tell which neighbor it was. We went up a floor, down a floor, and listened at the adjacent apartments on our floor, but to no avail. It sounds inexplicable that it would be loud enough to disturb us in our bedroom and yet indistinguishable in the hallway, but there’s some sort of fan in the hallway and lots of ambient noise.

So I mentioned it to the girl in the leasing office the next time I was there. I told her our theories about how it was one of a few apartments, but that I didn’t want to accuse anybody since we didn’t really know. She said she’d send around a mass of fliers reminding people of what the quiet hours were. That night, having seen no fliers, the music was back again as usual — but this time much louder. So I threw on my bathrobe and jeans and Blake and I walked the halls again. This time we were able to identify its location with great certainty by putting our ears to the wall and feeling the vibrations.

But… I didn’t want to complain about them to the leasing office just yet. The music was loud, true, but it seemed possible that maybe the person didn’t realize that it was at such a disturbing level. Maybe. So I wrote them a note:

We put it on their door yesterday afternoon and last night everything seemed pretty quiet. Stay tuned!

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