The Pineapple Express

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A few days ago I was riding the tunnel bus back from downtown and I heard a middle-aged guy talking to the young daughter of one of the other passengers.

A rainy view from Pike Place Market

A rainy view from Pike Place Market

He seemed friendly enough, but he was asking questions that would make me a tad nervous if he were talking to my daughter: “I like your hat. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Where do you live?” The mother was right next to her and the seven-year old couldn’t really give a good description of where they lived, so it wasn’t a big deal, but I noted it. As the bus approached my stop a few minutes later, I began gathering my things and stood up. Then the middle-aged guy came over and stood next to me. “Gonna have a pineapple express this weekend!” he said, nodding emphatically with a knowing glint in his eye. I smiled politely and thought, “What the hell?” I didn’t know what a pineapple express was, but it just sounded like something that I didn’t want to ask some stranger about on a bus. However, my brush-off apparently wasn’t enough — he kept going on about it: “It’s gonna be a good one. Haven’t had a pineapple express in awhile!” Not really knowing how to respond (and not wanting to respond at all), I managed another smile. “Gosh!” I said, chuckling — and walking quickly and purposefully away.

Later in the day, safely home in our warm apartment, I looked up the weather for the weekend. There were articles and warnings everywhere about the upcoming rain and how every river everywhere was expected to flood like crazy. And then I saw it: the Pineapple Express is a climatological phenomenon whereby warm rain from Hawaii blows over the Pacific and ends up along the west coast somewhere. It results in warm temperatures (56 degrees) and torrential rain. I guess that guy was just a nice middle-aged fellow after all.

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