Nano recovering

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In her Easter bonnet

In her Easter bonnet

As mentioned previously, we had Nano fixed yesterday. She came home from the vet the sleepiest and saddest dog in three counties, and her unhappiness continued throughout most of yesterday. The saddest and cutest part of it was her little cone and how she was (and still is) totally unable to understand how it works.

Yesterday was quite a traumatic evening for her, actually. As soon as I carried her in from the car, Pico was the most interested in her that he’s ever been and he proceeded to life up his little paw and drag it around her face/cone region. She was too sleepy to even stand up without wobbling, so she didn’t have a chance to defend against his paw onslaught. But I shoved him out of the way and tried to calm her down from the drive. Then she slept for a while, and after an hour or so she actually started walking around. Here was where the hilarity started, though, because she just kept bumping her little cone into things! Table legs, couches, the wall, Pico, our legs, everything. And as if that weren’t sad enough, when she hit her obstacle she would usually just conclude “Guess I’m stuck. Oh, well,” and then stand there, unmoving (except a lot of wobbling back and forth) until she got sleepy and sort of collapsed into a sitting position. The best (worst) one was when she walked her face up to the wall so that the cone was nearly flat against it — when she tried to turn left or right, the wall was in the way. So she just stood there with her face at the wall until one of us realized what was going on and rescued her.

On the way home from the vet

On the way home from the vet

The vet also gave us instructions to keep her from running or jumping for 10-14 days, which seems like an impossibly tall order. This morning she was hopping all over the place with her usual exuberance, and by this afternoon she was back to an occasional bark when I come inside and jumping up on my office chair while I’m gone (to pull desk items down on the floor where they can be happily chomped by Pico).

But for the most part she seems to be recovering nicely. I brought out my big poofy down comforter and she spent the day reclining on it in an explosion of cuteness. On the occasions that she follows me into another room, usually Pico makes a grab and then he cozes for a while, but he’s so active all the time that she always gets another chance to reclaim it.

In other news, I’ve sort of belatedly realized that by finding this house we like so much (mentioned in yesterday’s post), I’ve actually been freed from an awful lot of work for a while. I don’t have to go visit houses aggressively or scour for any and all homes if there’s the tiniest chance that they’ll be good. Instead I can get other things done, which is really great. =) Go us! I hope we get this house.


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