New food: Daifuku

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At Uwajimaya this evening, Blake and I picked out some enticing-looking mochi-themed desserts from a big refrigerated case that was filled with them. There seem to be many kinds of mochi-looking things in the store, and many of them have really different names. I’m not sure if they’re all mochi or if they’re something else, but they at least look like mochi. (For those who don’t know, here’s the Wikipedia page on mochi.)

Blake picked the one in the back -- red bean -- and I picked the pineapple and macadamia nut ones in the front.

I decided to try the pineapple first. You can see that it's not very big. (That's a nickel next to it.)

See, the label clearly calls is "daifuku," but it sure looks like mochi to me.

Ahh, here we go:

Daifukumochi (大福餅?), or Daifuku (大福?) (literally “great luck”), is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans. Daifuku comes in many varieties. The most common is white-, pale green-, or pale pink-colored mochi filled with anko. These come in two sizes, one approximately the diameter of a half-dollar coin, the other palm-sized. Some versions contain whole pieces of fruit, mixtures of fruit and anko, or crushed melon paste. Nearly all daifuku are covered in a fine layer of corn or taro starch to keep them from sticking to each other, or to the fingers. Some are covered with confectioner’s sugar or cocoa powder. Though mochitsuki is the traditional method of making mochi and daifuku, they can also be cooked in the microwave.

It's all squishy.

Actually, the inside looks pretty squishy too. And smells very pineappley.

Yum. Or something.

Actually, it was only okay. I took a nice big bite and thought, “Hm, this is good but kind of strange.” Then, as I chewed it some more I amended that to, “Actually yeah, this is really strange.” And when it came time to cut a second bite, I couldn’t quite muster up the enthusiasm. And, in fact, two hours later it’s still sitting on the counter on this plate looking exactly as it does in the background of this photo. So not really my favorite thing ever.

Now it was Blake’s turn:

History has shown me that red bean (called "azuki" in Japanese) isn't my favorite flavor. It looks like it's filled with chopped up dead bugs. =(

His expression says it all.

Sarah: Is it good?

Blake: No.

Ah, well, you win some, you lose some.



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  1. “Is it good?”

    LOL — you guys are funny.

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