Not news: We’ve been busy

March 21, 2011 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I saw this neat compass/map thing on the sidewalk while walking in Belltown. (A Seattle neighborhood.) Neat, huh?

I’m back from my little blogging hiatus.  We’ve been busy with nothing in particular — we went on vacation in January, my mom visited, a while later Dad and Sylvia visited, I visited my aunt in southwest Washington, my aunt visited us… and then in the background the regular things in life that make everyone busy.

However, as a result I now have almost three months’ worth of interesting things to tell you about! Over the next few days I’ll try to make some updates with old news that’s new to you: all the fun stuff that’s happened. In the meantime, here are the things that are kind of news for us:

  • Blake turned 29 earlier this month and I turned an aged 31 in January. Pico turned a less-aged 6 on March 11. (Nano will be 1 in May.)
  • Seattle’s finally starting to warm up a bit. For whatever reason, it’s been unseasonably cold this winter and we’ve had lots of snow (“lots ” = six or seven days). The coldness has also lasted longer into the year than usual, so we’re just barely breaking the mid-50s finally even though we should have reached such balmy temperatures in early March. I am ready for summer. Happily, though, the hillsides are turning green and the daffodils are blooming with reckless abandon and little flowers are starting to appear on little trees. It’s nice.
  • For the last month or so Blake’s been working on a website that he hopes to launch in the next several weeks. He’s been working very dedicatedly — is that a word? — almost every night and every weekend since he began it, and it’s finally approaching the end. I’ve been helping him where I can by doing a lot of graphic design work, which has been fun. My contribution to the project is totally dwarfed by his, though, so it’s really his project and not mine. (Once we get closer to launching I’ll describe it in more detail.)
  • In the last few months I’ve come down with a pesky case of patellofemoral pain syndrome. Although it can be caused by lots of different things, in my case it’s apparently a result of unbalanced complementary muscles. Apparently two different muscles ought to pull on my kneecap equally in opposing directions, but one of mine is way stronger than the other. This results in my kneecap getting pulled in a direction it shouldn’t be, and that’s what’s causing the pain. For the last couple weeks I’ve been visiting a physical therapist regularly to strengthen the weaker muscle, and it sounds like I should be back to normal in a few more weeks.

Anyway, that’s all the big news. (“Big” is a relative term.) Stay tuned over the next several days for anecdotes and photos. =)

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