Earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere!

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I have never felt an earthquake. I’ve always wanted to, but they somehow elude me.  When I was four or five I remember coming home from school and being told an earthquake had just happened, but I was in the car and missed it. This has happened quite a lot, most recently this past October 20th — the very night we arrived in California from Seattle. We didn’t feel a thing. Furthermore, that earthquake was a magnitude 4 and it happened barely 20 miles away in Berkeley, CA, and we still missed it. Life is so unfair!

So tonight I decided to look at the earthquake record and see if there had been any more that we’d missed. Here is what I found:

352 earthquakes! And what’s more, that’s one week’s worth! I don’t know if everybody else knew about this, but I certainly didn’t. Not only that, a whole bunch of them were right here in the Bay area. (You can see the Bay on the map above on California’s coast about halfway between 35° and 40°.)  There are at least ten or twelve there. Come on! Here’s a close up:

"ten or twelve." Ha. More like 94.

Everybody keeps telling me it’s inevitable, which I’m sure is true since we plan to live here for a good long while. But it is frustrating to think that there are so many and we haven’t even been able to notice them.

Also, in case any of you noticed that those two images have two different dates, it’s because one is showing UTC and the other is showing Pacific time.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I recently discovered that my blog contains ads. Those ads don’t show up for me as the owner of the blog, so I didn’t know about them til I looked at my own post on my phone just now. I wanted to let you all know that I’m not making money on you guys from those ads — this is a free WordPress blog, and they show their own ads and they get the money. Just so you know.

Finally, if you’d like to look at the earthquake record for your area, you can do so here: USGS Real-time Earthquake Record. Just click on the map for your state and see what’s been happening (or hasn’t been happening) near you.

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  1. I was watching the OSU vs Kansas St game on TV Saturday night. Approx. 30 minutes after the game ended there was a 5.6 earthquake in central Oklahoma with the epicenter near the town of Prague. This is all within 60 miles of Oklahoma City (where my mother lives) and Stillwater (where the game was played). I talked to my mom and she said that she felt it for about 45 seconds yet had no damage. There were several homes in Prague that sustained major damage. Luckily, there are no tall buildings there. I thought that this all may be recognition that the world is truly changing, as OSU has never been 9-0 before.
    For those that have never spent any time in Oklahoma this may sound strange because most imagine it as a flat and barren plain. There are actually 5 mountain ranges in Oklahoma. The seismic activity has been, and continues to be, near the geologic confluence of three of these ranges (Quachita, Wichita and Arbuckle).

    You and Blake should maybe invest in some hard hats and padded suits. They could double as “fashion statements” for special events. The dogs may need a special fallout shelter.

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