Happy birthday, Blake!

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Blake's birthday cake


Today is Blake’s birthday!

We had a few of his old friends over this weekend for a mini party and so tonight he and I will just go out to dinner. Yay!

Monday afternoon we met with ol’ Matthew Atchison at An Affair to Remember Catering and tasted some of the food we’re considering. The chicken we were served was truly fantastic — Louisiana blackened chicken. It was super tender and moist and delicious and had a little kick to it, but the chef assured us that he could make both spicy and non-spicy versions. Having met with Matt and had delicious food is a load off my mind, because even if every other caterer I talk to is catastrophically bad, Matt’s reception proposal is, at the very least, a good backup. (Though I don’t want to denigrate his stuff! It was truly great.)

Tomorrow we’re meeting with Emily of Events by Emily to have another tasting, and she’s actually bringing all the food right here to our house! I’ve enjoyed talking to her on the phone about the catering stuff — she seems straightforward and flexible — so I’m really looking forward to seeing what all her food tastes like.

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