What am I doing while Blake’s at work all day?

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Pico is oblivious to my toiling

Pico slumbers, oblivious to my toiling

I get this question a lot, actually. (I sort of wonder if a few people think I’m sitting at home watching TV and eating bon bons, but I can assure you most wholeheartedly that I am not!) In fact, since Blake’s gone all day I’m working primarily on the many things that need to be done to sell our house in Texas, arrange a home loan for a new house here, shop for a new house here, and take care of regular stuff around the apartment that needs to be done. Here’s what I did today*:

  • Got up at 7:40 a.m.
  • Took Pico for a walk and made Blake’s breakfast while he showered before work.
  • Drove Blake to work (about thirteen minutes away) and came back home.**
  • Spent 45 minutes calling painters’ references, returning calls to painters, leaving voicemails for painters, and answering painters’ emails. We need to check their references to make sure they’re trustworthy enough to go into our house in Texas and give an estimate even though there’s nobody there.***
  • Had a few back-and-forth emails with a lender to talk about getting a home loan for a new house.
  • Called the company in Austin that will be doing our carpeting there to let them know that yes, we still want them to do our carpet, but we’re waiting to have the house painted.
  • Sat down with a cup of coffee for five minutes and read the documentation the dog breeder gave us about the new puppy. (I got about 25% of the way through.)
  • Met with the lender and dug up records and dates and addresses to plug in to her magic lender app on her laptop.
  • Had a quick lunch of ramen while reading BoingBoing.
  • Took Pico on a brief bathroom-themed walk in the Walgreen’s parking lot next door.
  • Walked to Amazon — a different location than the one where Blake works — to meet with an HR rep so I could ask some questions for determining which health plan to choose. (Parking there is impossible and it was only a 30-minute walk roundtrip.)
  • Came home, answered more emails and phone calls to painters and lenders and realtors.
  • Went down to the leasing office to use their fax machine to send the lender a copy of Blake’s offer letter from Amazon.
  • Read more info from the breeder (almost finished it).
  • Set up an appointment with a realtor to look at houses later in the week.
  • Straightened up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher.
  • Went down to the car to pick up Blake from Amazon at 5 p.m.

Most of my days have been like this since we arrived, though I’m not complaining at all! Other frequent parts of my day include meeting with realtors and looking at houses, going to the grocery store, working out, and going on a quest to shop for some needed item that we forgot to put in the boxes for the temporary housing (and is therefore practically irretrievable in storage until we move to a permanent home). Usually this is something pretty necessary like dog food or a screwdriver or a phone battery car charger or a hands-free headset (they’re the law for Seattle drivers).

So it’s been pretty busy for both me and Blake. It’s really nice, though, and I’m enjoying being busy quite a lot. I guess it’s sort of like wedding planning: when you’re busy with something you care about a lot, it makes it a lot more pleasant to deal with. Also being home makes it pleasant too. I am getting a little bit tired of dealing with painters, but soon that’ll be done and most of what I’ll be doing will be puppy-related (yay!) or buying-a-house-related (also yay!).


* This post was written on Tuesday, August 10.

** I have to drop off and pick up Blake because we only have a rental car right now until our cars are delivered. After they’re delivered, though, we still may do this, because parking at Amazon (which is in the heart of downtown and next to the baseball stadium) costs thousands of dollars per year. We might also start looking into the oft-recommended public transportation, but we haven’t really had time to research it yet.

Our old house in Texas

"Help!" says our old house in Texas, "I'm thirsty for paint!"

*** Observant readers may recall that I had several painters come by several weeks ago while we were still in Texas. We thought we had a deal going with one from that round of estimates, but she required a big deposit that we weren’t willing to pay up front. (With us out of state, it would be really difficult for us to enforce justice if she never finished the job.) She was both indignant that we didn’t trust her and absolutely unwilling to negotiate on the point, so now we’re looking for someone else. (Happily, I’ve since found several painters willing to consider other payment options that are low-risk for both of us — not just the contractor.)

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