What’s keeping us busy?

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The front room

The front room after painting. (The color doesn't look exactly right in this photo, but it's close.)

A lot of things! Apparently late July is moving season: parents want to get to their destinations while the kids are out of school. So although we had originally planned for Blake to start work at Amazon today, all the Amazon-provided moving services were so swamped that they couldn’t get that stuff done in time and we were forced to push back his start date to next Monday, August 2.

It’s a good thing, too, because there sure is a lot to do! It’s like Grand Central Station in here with all the comings and goings. Last week we had our listing agent, Sean McCormack, come  by and make recommendations for how best to  improve the house in the short amount of remaining time that we’re in Texas. He recommended painting the front room and the kitchen, which is basically how we spent last weekend. 20 hours and a lot of sore muscles later, the front room and kitchen are now a nice, bright, neutral “toasted oatmeal” (read: pale pale beige) instead of the god-awful dusty rose that was there before. Since then, we’ve had carpet people come in and give us an estimate, five painters stop by to give estimates for doing the rest of the interior, our listing agent visiting a few more times, a guy who tells the movers how much stuff we have, and all the hustle and bustle of Tom moving out. (He started looking for apartments once we received the offer from Amazon.)

The kitchen

The kitchen after painting - extra messy, but at least no pink. :D

Happily, the movers Amazon provides are full service — that is, they will be packing items in boxes and packing boxes in a truck while we recline on chaise lounges and sip cocktails with little umbrellas sticking out. Or, at least, we’ll be able to stand around and oversee and instruct and label while they’re doing the hard stuff. We were hoping they’d be able to start packing today (Monday) so we could get the carpet and painting done before we leave town, but due to their busy season the soonest they can start is this Thursday — just 48 hours before we leave Texas for good. They’ll do one day of packing and one day of loading, and then we’ll get on the plane Saturday morning with Pico in tow. (Our contractors will be working with Sean to arrange getting in and out after we leave.)

When we arrive in Seattle we’ll be staying in some nice corporate housing that’s just two blocks from the Space Needle! It’s pretty exciting and looks like a really nice spot. We’ll also get twice-monthly maid service and the place is fully furnished. We’re also really excited about having a 24-hour gym to use there. (I suspect Blake will have access to one actually at Amazon, but we don’t really know for sure.) With all the stuff keeping us busy since the honeymoon, we’ve both been a little bit less diligent about exercising lately. I’ve also gotten a little burned out on DDRing as my workout recently (DDR is Dance Dance Revolution), so I’m excited to have access to a stationary bike for a while and take a little DDR break. And although Blake hasn’t mentioned it, I’m sure he’ll be really happy to jog in a city where the temperature can be displayed with only two digits.

Well, I’m off to go separate things that will be packed from things that will be going on the plane with us. There’s a lot of work left to be done!

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