Pico moves to Seattle

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Please enjoy this photographic chronicle of some of the highlights of Pico’s move from Austin to Seattle.

Pico gets in the movers' way

Pico gets in the movers' way

Somebody put Pico on some boxes in the driveway

Somebody put Pico on some boxes in the driveway

Pico sitting on a comfy chair

Pico waits to be fed at the Hilton Austin Airport. (He curled up in that chair later that evening while Blake and I slept in the bed.)

Pico sitting on a couch surrounded by suitcase and our other belongings

Waiting in the Hilton lobby after checkout but before taking the shuttle to the airport. (We had about two hours to kill.)

Pico sitting on a stool looking out the window

Under Pico's watchful eye, the world remains safe for democracy

Pico on his perch

Pico on his window perch

Pico out on the balcony

Pico out on the balcony with the bottom of the Space Needle rising in the background

Discount hotel reservations extended!

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This afternoon when I called the manager at the Fairfield, he agreed to extend the discount for an extra couple days. So if you still need a room and haven’t reserved one yet, it’s not too late! Call the Fairfield today or tomorrow and you should probably still be okay. (Make sure to mention our names when you call, though, to make sure to get the rate.)

In other news, Austin’s spring is really beautiful so far! The bluebonnets are out in full force on every sunny hillside, and between them and the indian paintbrush and winecups and white prickly poppies and indian blankets and primrose, it looks pretty spectacular out here. The medians are overflowing with pretty colors!

Not only that, in our very own yard we found some primroses and a solitary bluebonnet(!) the other day. Unfortunately, the front lawn was getting pretty unsightly and so we had to mow down the primroses right along with the tall grass, but I got some nice photos before the primrose massacre. (The bluebonnet survived due to some help from Blake’s strategic mowing skills.)  It’s a pretty tiny bluebonnet, but it’s ours. =)

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