We’ve got a marriage license!

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The marriage license

License to wed.

This afternoon Blake and I drove down to the Travis County Clerk’s Office and got a marriage license! All it took was state-issued ID’s, knowing our social security numbers, and $71 in cash. (Yes, cash.)

The license itself is far fancier than I thought — especially considering that I’m pretty sure we just give it back to the state after the ceremony and then never see it again. (I could be wrong about that.) But I know we turn it in to our officiant who then signs it and files it on our behalf.

While we’re on the subject, our officiant is Sarah de La Fuente of Austin Weddings Unlimited, and so far we’ve been very happy with her. She’s been really nice and helpful and helped guide us towards the sort of ceremony we want.

Blake signing the form to get the marriage license

At the county clerk's office signing papers to get the license

Anyway, it’s pretty exciting to actually have the paper here in our hands. It also came with a little packet from the Attorney General (of Texas) that had lots of helpful marriage advice and little worksheets for each of us with questions like, “What makes a good wife?” and “What are some things we have in common?” Very helpful. I’m glad the AG’s office has time to help with important stuff like this.

In other news, the wedding planning is coming along nicely. We finally got my ring chosen and purchased, and we’re waiting for Blake’s to arrive in the mail. Also squared away are our centerpieces, decorations, and a variety of little incidentals like the guestbook, pens for the guestbook, emergency stuff (scotch tape, sewing kit, duct tape, bobby pins), bug spray (which shouldn’t be necessary, but we want to have some for guests just in case), and candles. The big tasks remaining are mostly lists: what to bring out the day before, what to bring out the day of, how the decorations should be set up, and then corresponding take-down lists for my parents and the wedding party to get after we leave the reception.

The lists are pretty daunting for obvious reasons, but I’ve been adding to them for weeks and hopefully nothing important will be forgotten. Despite this, Blake expects we’ll have to make a last-minute round trip back to Austin on the day of the wedding, but I’m slightly more optimistic: I bet the only emergency trip we’ll have to make is to the Bastrop Walmart. Or perhaps my planning will shine through and we’ll both be wrong. =)

Sarah signing papers to get the marriage license

Sarah signing papers to get the marriage license

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