A busy winter and some photos

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Things have been crazy around here since early November, but it looks like life is finally beginning to calm down. When we moved into the apartment in late November, we had grandiose plans of working hard and getting everything unpacked in a month or so. Unfortunately, it was not to be — which we certainly should have figured out ahead of time. The problem was that we filled up our winter with events and never really set aside time for unpacking. Between our move-in and today, here are all the things that happened:

  • The moving men delivered the boxes
  • Five days of frantic unpacking so that the guest bed would be accessible (and not covered by a wall of boxes)
  • Mom visited (and slept in said guest bed)
  • Five days of more frantic unpacking
  • A twelve-hour drive to Washington state for Christmas with my Dad’s family
  • A few fun days in frigid Washington over Christmas
  • Another twelve-hour drive back home to California
  • Two more frantic days of unpacking to make space for Dad and Sylvia’s visit
  • Dad and Sylvia visited
  • A little over a week of more unpacking (less frantically this time)
  • We flew to Colorado for our annual week-long ski trip
  • Everybody on the ski trip got sick, sick, sick
  • We flew home this past Saturday

…which brings us up to now. Blake and I are still both sick, but at least we’re back at home for the foreseeable future. And although we certainly enjoyed getting to see some friends and family, we are pretty drained. And that whole list of stuff came upon the heels of moving from Seattle to San Bruno and from San Bruno to San Francisco for ten days! Honestly, this feels like the first time we’ve had to really settle down since we left Seattle in October.

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound complainy. All the things we’ve done have been lovely, and it’s been a fun Christmas season. It’s just been pretty tiring, and that’s why I haven’t spent a lot of time updating the blog recently.

So! That’s enough of boring things. Please enjoy these photos of some of the interesting stuff that’s happened:

Seal Rocks

The sun setting behind Seal Rocks off San Francisco

The view from Baker Beach

Baker Beach is just south of the Golden Gate and nearly always has an incredible view of the bridge and Marin County (the hills to the left of the bridge)

The Sutro Bath ruins. Near Baker Beach there are some cool ruins of baths from the late 1800s (named after Adolph Sutro, a former mayor of San Francisco). The buildings burned down in the 1960s, but the ruins are open to the public and sit right on the beach. It's neat.

We have so much kitchen stuff. Before deciding what to throw away, I had to take stock of what we had... and it turns out we had an insane amount of kitchenware. It took up the entire bed! We ended up donating about 50% of what you see here. Just look at all those spatulas! (In our defense, Blake and I each had a full kitchen before we got married, and then we got a lot of duplicate kitchenware when we were in Seattle and our stuff was in storage.)

Mom and I drove to Big Basin Redwoods State Park one day. It was a long and sometimes harrowing drive to get there, but the trees really were beautiful.

Here's Baker Beach looking much clearer. It's really a beautiful spot.

When I took Dad and Sylvia to Rockaway Beach, it was totally opaque with fog. Which wasn't as pretty as the sunshine, but it had its own mystique.

While we were in Colorado we had a day or two with a lot of snow. I spent it in the lodge being sick, but it was really very charming and cozy. (It became less charming and cozy that afternoon when Blake and I got a flat tire and he had to change it outside in these conditions on an icy and non-level parking lot. I was very appreciative!)

Anyway, that’s a brief overview of our lives recently. I hope to be back in business with more interesting posts in the next few weeks. =)

Mom visiting

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Mom at a park near Alki beach with the Seattle skyline in the background.

This past Wednesday Mom flew in from Cleveland and she’ll be here through this Friday. We’ve had a nice visit so far, with trips to Alki Beach, Marymoor dog park, Pike Place Market, Olympic National Park, Hoh Rainforest, and Ikea. Tomorrow we’re taking the clipper to Victoria for a one-night trip that will have us back home Tuesday night, and while there we’re planning to see Butchart Gardens and a bunch of touristy Victoria stuff.

It’s gotten pretty cold this week, which hasn’t bothered mom or Blake much but has been pretty unpleasant for me. On the up side, we had a few hours of snow today and it was delightful. (Somehow I don’t mind the cold so much if I’m all bundled up and cozy in a hat and scarf and there are snowflakes drifting all around.)

The forecast for Victoria tomorrow. Yipes. I didn't even know there was an igloo icon. :-/

Unfortunately, this evening I looked up the weather for Victoria tomorrow and it included a hilarious and foreboding icon that I’ve never before seen: an igloo. It used words like “frigid” and “cold” and “3.54 degrees”. I’m breaking out my ski gear from Colorado to keep warm, since I hope to be able to walk around Butchart for more than five or ten minutes without turning into a popsicle.

Our trip to Olympic National Park was pretty spectacular even this late in the year. We woke up early and caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island, drove 90 minutes to the park’s visitor’s center, then got back on the road for a beautiful 2.5-hour drive to the Hoh rainforest. We took several opportunities to stop along the way and take some photos as the mood struck us, but eventually we remembered that it gets dark here at 4:30 and we had to hustle the last hour or so to avoid arriving at the rainforest in the dark. As it was, we only walked around the Hoh for about twenty minutes before we had to head back for fear of hiking through the wet woods in the frigid night. (The park ranger kindly lent us a flashlight in case we had trouble finding our way back to the parking lot in time, but there were no problems.)

The Hoh is a beautiful park and is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I didn’t even know there were rainforests with deciduous trees and pine trees instead of palms and parrots. Because it was pretty dim and I didn’t bring my tripod, the photos I took are kind of underwhelming. (I intend to see the Hoh again when it’s warmer and greener and I have a tripod and maybe a new lens.) Even though all the deciduous trees were brown and it was really cold, it was still pretty neat. Though I bet it’s even more spectacular in the spring.

Anyway, I’ve got to pack for Victoria and exercise and get to bed soon, so please enjoy these photos.

Driving into the Hoh Rainforest

Some elk drinking on the river next to the road

The rainforest! (Yes, that's snow on the ground.)

Mom looking up at a 270-foot-tall tree (!)

Oh, and an update on our loud neighbors: the night after we left the note, the music was booming again as usual. So the next morning I stopped by the leasing office and mentioned it to the office manager, and she said she’d talk to them that afternoon. Since then we’ve heard some booming music in the afternoon and morning, but never at night. It’s still a little irksome in principle, but I can be happy with that. It’s not too disruptive if we’re not trying to sleep. Though I’ll be happy when we have a house and all the walls belong to us alone. =)

PS – If you’re interested, you may want to check out my photo-a-day blog, Out Our Window, which (predictably) has one photo each day of something taken out our window here in Seattle’s Chinatown.

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