Elvis Jong Il

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At Uwajimaya the other night we saw this guy who looks like Elvis or Kim Jong Il. He and his lady friend were the only people seated– it was going to close soon — so I had a difficult time getting this photo without attracting attention. I took three or four, but most came out pretty blurry. This shot will have to do.

Elvis Jong Il


In other news, one day recently Blake and I went to one of our favorite Hong Kong bakeries in Chinatown. We’ve been going there for months, and Blake visited nearly every day when Amazon was right across the street. He always gets the same thing there — a cream cheese bun — and the girl who works there is always nice to us.

On this particular occasion, the place was super crowded and Blake had to wait in line behind three people to get served. (Waiting at all is extremely unusual.) When he was finally next in line, he overheard the girl in front of him order two cream cheese buns — the same thing he always gets (though he gets only one). So the bakery girl checked her little food-warmer and announced, “Oh, I’m sorry, I only have one left.” Blake, still not yet at the counter, was crestfallen. After all that wait! So he started reviewing the bakery case to find a suitable alternative. When it was finally his turn, he said, “No more cream cheese buns, eh?” But the bakery girl smiled a big smile, leaned over, and whispered, “No, I saved you one! I didn’t want you to wait all that time for nothing!” We like her. =)

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