Things to do in the Pacific northwest

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A buttered scone on a plate with a cup of coffee and a large plate of scones in the background

I made scones for breakfast. Yum.

A few days ago we decided to designate one day this weekend for sightseeing-y touristy stuff. We’ve been maintaining a Google document of things we want to do here eventually, and here’s what we have so far:

  • Snoqualmie Falls – You east-coasters probably haven’t heard of this — I hadn’t — but apparently they’re some really impressive falls that are about 50 minutes from Seattle.
  • Mt. St. Helens – There are lots of fascinating visitor centers and museums that I saw when I visited my Aunt Nancy here around 1996.
  • Mt. Rainier – I’m not sure what Mt. Rainier stuff there is to do besides looking at it, but there’s a whole state park about it and so there must be something interesting.
  • Hoh Rainforest – This is the coolest looking place in the world. It’s an actual rainforest and it looks beautiful from the photos online. Check out these photos. It’s a hefty 3-hour trek from Seattle to get out there, so we’ll probably save that for a three-day weekend. Maybe Labor Day?
  • Space Needle – It’s two blocks away but we keep not going. We’re going to make sure we do, though, before the weather gets gray and cold (in contrast to the beautiful clear days we’ve had for the past few weeks).
  • Northwest Railway Museum – We don’t know much about this, but we saw a sign for it on the way back from the Amazon Company picnic a couple weeks ago. Here’s its website.
  • Fort Clatsop – Another state park I visited in 1996. I remember it being neat, although honestly I can’t remember why. It’s where Lewis and Clark spent a winter near the mouth of the Columbia river when they reached the Pacific ocean.
  • Pike Place Market – A nifty shopping area, I’m told, that’s within walking distance of our apartment. Probably I’ll do this one myself on a weekday since Blake’s little heart doesn’t exactly go pitter-pat when someone wants to go shopping.
  • Victoria, British Columbia – Everybody says it’s beautiful, but I have no idea what to do there.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia – Ditto.
  • Puget Sound tour – Apparently there are fun little cruises you can take around the sound for an hour or so.

So that’s the list right now. Probably after lunch we’ll do one of the less-involved ones or maybe the Pacific Science Center. We love science museums. Expect some photos soon of whatever we do!

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