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On Monday Blake officially started working at Amazon! It’s pretty exciting. His title is lengthy: Software Design Engineer – Gift Cards User Experience. He’ll be writing the code for some of the pages you see when you go to His office is in Union Station, which is primarily leased by (though I think there may be a few other businesses working there as well). More info on Union Station here.

Amazon Fresh truck

Amazon Fresh truck

The other day on our walk we also saw an Amazon Fresh truck. Amazon Fresh is a spiffy service whereby you can buy all your groceries from Amazon and have them delivered to your door at a pre-specified time. (Much like the Webvan of yore.) They only deliver to certain areas, however, but I’ve just learned that our apartment is inside the borders! Perhaps I shall do that for groceries next time instead of trekking over to Fred Meyer.

Update: It turns out that Amazon actually bought Webvan for their Amazon Fresh business! I found that out by looking at the Wikipedia page when I went to add the above link. Neat. I predict Amazon will be more successful at it than Webvan was. (I certainly hope so!)

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