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There are only a few things left to do before the wedding! Despite my best efforts and nearly full-time wedding planning for weeks, there are still some items remaining. Compared to the huge list that I had originally (which just seemed to get longer all the time as I thought of more things to be done), this is refreshingly short for me. I can even see it on one whole computer screen without scrolling down! Yay! (Well, you have to scroll down here in this blog post, but in my grand list Word document it all fits on one page.)

  • Prepare some final decorations for the bathrooms at Buescher.
  • Arrange/reserve the wedding night hotel.
  • A pile of wedding stuff in the spare room

    This pile of wedding stuff doesn't really fully capture quite how much is in there. This is just what I could fit in the photo.

    Divide my room o’ wedding stuff into packages. (One of our spare rooms is just stacked up with decorations, mirrors, the guest book, lights, candles, duct tape, etc. — not to mention my dress and Tom’s suit (he’s our roommate) and my veil and shoes and everything. All this stuff needs to be packaged for easy transport to Buescher.)

  • Prepare that same room o’ wedding stuff for a guest — move all the wedding stuff into the front room.
  • Give the final guest count to our cake lady (Karin from A Wedding Cake Moment — she’s great!)
  • Give the final guest count to our caterer (Emily from Events by Emily — she’s also great!)
  • Get the at-which-table-do-I-sit? chart (for guests) laminated at Staples.
  • Update the take-down list to include items in the cabin. (we’ve reserved a cabin right near the hall so that the wedding party and family — who’ll be there with us all afternoon helping set up — can dress beforehand)
  • Entirely finalize the list of setup and take-down instructions.
  • Go to Buescher with the photographer (Chris Butler — he’s great!) and discuss the photography plans.
  • Blake needs to get a haircut. (He’s pretty shaggy at the moment.)
  • Call the restaurant and confirm the reservation for some plans with the wedding party before the wedding.
  • Call Spec’s and reserve some champagne and sparkling grape juice for the caterer to pick up.
  • Wash the car – it’s pretty pollen-y right now!
  • Worship the earth on Earth Day — just kidding, I’d never do that.
  • Plan rain contingencies for the whole weekend if rain is scheduled.
  • Clean the house

I think that’s it. (I sure hope that’s it!) It’s pretty amazing that after months of planning it’s all come down to these remaining tasks. I’m sure glad we didn’t plan this wedding six or eight or ten months in advance — it’s nice that we only had to be wedding-crazy for four. I think that if we’d spent a lot more time planning, the wedding day would have been far more anticipated (by us both) and a lot more tense for me.

cut ledge cloths for mirrors
figure out wedding night
Add cabin stuff to takedown list
Make to-go list for day of/before
Divide blue-room items into when-to-leave bundles
Confirm with Buescher that they’ll just keep a tally (mention vendors)
Update Emily when I give cupcake totals
Laminate table chart
Blake needs to begin writeup
Update setup/takedown with Emily’s info
Go out to the park with the photographer
Blake needs a haircut
Submit final guest count to cake lady
Call the restaurant to confirm some wedding-party plans on Saturday
Call Spec’s and reserve champagne
Caterer needs a final count
Florist needs a final count
Wash the car
Worship the earth on earth day – just kidding! I won’t be doing that at all!
Plan rain contingencies if rain is scheduled
Clean the house

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