Wedding Info

Q. How is “Buescher” pronounced?

A. It’s usually pronounced byoo-shur or bish-er. (Sources vary.)

Q. Why are you getting married on a Monday?!

A. Some of our close family members had tight schedules that we had to work around. We realize that this will be inconvenient for many invitees, and for that we apologize. We hope you’re able to attend, but we will of course understand if your schedule won’t allow it.

Q. Where are you registered?

A. Crate and Barrel,, Targetand Williams-Sonoma. Alternatively, we’d really like to make improvements on our house — painting, new carpet, etc. — so if you don’t feel like wrapping a present, a contribution to our improve-the-house fund would be thoroughly appreciated as well!

Q. Have you arranged a hotel in Austin that is affiliated with the wedding?

A. Yes, the Fairfield Inn and Suites in south Austin has given us a special group rate of $79 per night (plus tax and etc.). They have an exercise room, pool, free internet, and free breakfast. They are holding several rooms for guests  but those will be released if they are not reserved by April 9.

If you would prefer something fancier or cheaper than the Fairfield Inn, there are quite a few hotels in the same little area and a Super 8 just a little way down the road from the other hotels.

Q. I eat meat and vegetables. Why isn’t there a selection for number of omnivores?

A. We figured you’d know what we meant. =) We’ll use these replies to make sure we have enough options for people who don’t eat meat.

Q. What temperatures can I expect the weekend before the wedding?

A. Highs around 82, lows around 62. For more info, see Wikipedia or Weather Underground when it’s getting close to the wedding.

Q. I’m thinking about coming to Austin for the whole weekend. What is there to do in town?


  • The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum is a nifty museum about Texas in downtown Austin. It’s about ten minutes from the hotel and can be covered in 1-3 hours (depending how much you like to read plaques about Texas). Directions from the hotel
  • Callahan’s General Store is a great place to visit to feel like you’re really in Texas. It is frequented by both tourists and real live cowboys and is generally (no pun intended) a great place to browse and get Texas souvenirs. It’s only ten or so minutes from the hotels and is totally worth the drive. Directions from the hotel
  • Enchanted Rock is a neat place to hike near Fredericksburg, Texas. It’s a 425-foot tall granite dome second only to Georgia’s Stone Mountain in size. It’s 2.5 hours from the hotel, but it’s a beautiful drive that passes through lush Texas hill country. Directions from the hotel
  • There’s a giant Whole Foods store here in Austin — it’s the largest one in the country and is quite spectacular. (80,000 square feet!) On the weekends (and especially around lunchtime and early afternoon) they give out samples of interesting foods and walking around is usually pretty fun. They have oodles of interesting and unique foods and will literally let you sample anything if you ask. (This is especially nice at the cheese and bread counters.) There’s also a cafe in the building which makes it a great place for lunch. It’s also just ten minutes away. Directions from the hotel

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